Why your coffee business should be serving breakfast

If you only open for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea at your cafe or restaurant, you could be missing a trick. According to a new survey by The Grocer magazine, so many of us are now visiting our local coffee shop for breakfast that sales of breakfast cereal are falling.

Sales of breakfast staples such as cornflakes and muesli have fallen by a huge £78 million, or 3,700 tons, in the last year. Although more of us are actually eating breakfast than we were two years ago, we’re mostly choosing takeaway muffins and drinks from coffee shops over eating breakfast at our own kitchen tables. Although 600,000 fewer of us a week are skipping breakfast in the UK, many of us are grabbing ‘to go’ options from cafes. Almost half the UK adult population eats something at their desk or on their way to work rather than getting up earlier and eating at home.

Change in British breakfast habits

Specific brands that have been feeling the pinch include Quaker Oats, with sales down nearly 11 per cent, Special K down 9.5 per cent, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes down over five per cent and Kellogg’s Crunch Nut down almost five per cent. Other old favourites seeing a drop include Coco Pops, Shredded Wheat, All Bran and Cheerios.

The only brand to see a slight increase in sales is Weetabix, partly due to the success of its protein variety. Consumers are seeing breakfast cereals as fiddly, messy and possibly unhealthy, a view that manufacturers are addressing by introducing healthier options and ‘to go’ packaging, including cereal bars and breakfast drinks that can be consumed on the move.

There’s also been a significant increase among the number of customers buying gluten-free products, with around 15 per cent of consumers now choosing these options.

Boost your business in 2017 by offering takeaway breakfast options with a focus on health and convenience – for example, skinny muffins, gluten-free options, low fat granola bars and yoghurt. If you don’t offer them already, you might also like to think about adding takeaway ‘breakfast’ coffee options, such as cappuccinos and lattes.

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