Celebrate International Coffee Day on 1st October 2018

Here at rijo42 we never need an excuse to shout about coffee, but on 1st October the rest of the world will be joining in! Coffee is essential to many economies, and countries around the world celebrate their own national coffee days in support of this essential crop. Brazil is the world’s biggest producer, and for the last 150 years has produced around a third of the world’s coffee. They celebrate their own coffee day on 24 May. The USA have their own coffee day on 29th September to celebrate the fact that they’re the world’s biggest total consumer of coffee. (They don’t top the list of amount of coffee consumed per head, though – that honour goes to Finland, who drink a whopping 12kg of coffee per person.)

ICO creates International Coffee Day

Although these individual days continue to be held, the 77 members of the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) decided to unify the global celebrations and came up with the idea of International Coffee Day. This is the fourth year, and this year the theme is ‘Women in Coffee’. Hundreds of thousands of women are involved in the production of coffee worldwide, particularly in the early stages of the process such as fieldwork, harvesting and sorting. The aim of this year’s International Coffee Day is to highlight the work done by these women, who, usually as a result of their cultural backgrounds, tend to work longer hours for less money than their male counterparts.┬áThe ICO want to highlight the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector and start to change the traditional culture.

So on October 1st, take a moment while you’re drinking your cup of coffee to appreciate not only the drink itself, but all the hard work and industry that has combined to get that drink to you.

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