Can coffee help a hangover?

At this time of year, most of us are going out more than usual, whether it’s a meal with friends or a full-on office party. We all know that the only way to really avoid a hangover in the morning is abstention the night before, but sometimes drinking even a little more alcohol than you’re used to can result in feeling a bit fuzzy the next day.

Opinion has long been divided on whether coffee can do much to cure a hangover. Supporters say that coffee always makes you feel better; while sceptics reckon that’s only because it’s raising your caffeine levels back to normal rather than have any actively restorative effect.

Scientists have since discovered that a mug of coffee and an aspirin can help soothe hangover pain, but it also seems that drinking coffee regularly can help to protect against some of the more harmful effects of alcohol in the first place.

Can coffee really protect your liver?

Research carried out in Finland suggests that drinking five cups or more of coffee a day can help to protect against liver disease by reducing levels of a specific enzyme known as GGT. The study involved monitoring the general health, medical history and amount of alcohol and coffee consumed, and measuring the levels of GGT. Although alcohol was shown to boost enzyme levels by around three times as much, those who drank at least five cups or more of coffee day saw a reduction in GGT levels of around 50 per cent.

Coffee is currently one of the best-researched products in the world, and studies have shown that a regular intake may also be associated with other health benefits such as a reduction in the risk of certain forms of cancer and diabetes.

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