Why caffeine is the beauty trend that’s hitting the shelves

We all know how coffee can perk us up in the morning and leave us feeling refreshed and able to face the day. Did you know, though, that applying coffee externally can have the same effect on our skin? Our skin is constantly under attack by free radicals, which are damaging molecules caused not only by the natural ageing process but also by pollutants, strong sunlight and cigarette smoke.

As any skincare specialist will tell you, our main weapon in the battle with free radicals is anti-oxidants, which help protect the skin from the effects of ageing. Certain foods such as blueberries, strawberries and oranges are packed with anti-oxidants, and we’re encouraged to ‘feed’ our skin from the inside by eating plenty of these healthy choices. Another excellent source of anti-oxidants, though, is caffeine, which, applied, topically, can help skin protect itself.

Coffee and beauty

Choose a commercial beauty product listing caffeine as an ingredient, or make a homemade body scrub from equal amounts of used coffee grounds and coconut or olive oil. Coffee has proved so effective as a way of brightening dry, dull skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite that now even mainstream manufacturers of beauty products are adding it to scrubs. The new wonder ingredient, caffeine can also help to diminish stretch marks as well as helping reduce age spots and eczema.

Need even more caffeine in your life? Look for eye creams and gels that contain it as an ingredient – it’s great for reducing puffiness as it constricts blood vessels and makes skin look tighter.

You can even use coffee on your hair – not only will it give a high glossy shine to dark hair, but some studies have even concluded that it actually stimulates hair growth. To use, steep used coffee grounds in warm water and once you’ve washed your hair, pile on the coffee mix and wrap a towel round your head. Leave for ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

So there you go – proof that coffee makes every day a little brighter, however you choose to consume it! For all your commercial coffee supplies from one of Britain’s favourite coffee brands, take a look at our main website www.rijo42.co.uk.