Beat the January blues with a nice cup of tea


Feeling a bit ‘meugh’ today? You’re not alone – across the national, millions of us are finding it hard to get back into routine after Christmas, and the long dark nights and cold, unsettled weather is causing attacks of the ‘January blues’. Fortunately, new research from China reveals there might be an easy way to boost your mood.

Scientists in China have discovered that a cup of tea can boost your creativity by boosting your mood. During tests, researchers found that participants in the study performed better in creative and cognitive tests after a cup of tea. This was compared to a ‘base group’ who’d drunk only water.

Tea boosts creativity

The study followed the progress of around 50 students, with half being asked to drink a cup of black tea and the other half given plain water. They were then asked to take several tests, including the physical (creating a design out of building blocks) and the creative (coming up with a new name for a noodle restaurant).  The results were peer-reviewed by other students not involved in the tests, and the tea drinkers showed a clear creative edge over their water-bound rivals. Researchers at Peking University have published the results, which are believed to follow from the fact that tea contains mood boosting compounds that put you in a more receptive frame of mind to unleash your creative processes.

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