Beans still not up to speed

Over the past two decades, people’s taste in coffee has increasingly shifted from instant varieties to fresh beans. Blends from around the world dominate high-street coffee shops and consumers expect more choice and heritage to their espresso based beverages, wishing to be immersed in the wonderful stories and exotic origins that enhance their drinking experience beyond its natural kick in energy.

Yet surprisingly, instant coffee remains the most popular choice, at least on an international basis. Particularly towards the East, research by Euromonitor International Study has found their love of instant coffee is spearheading its larger global share of the market. Of course, a combination of cultural differences and developing economies, with less disposable income, may play a some part in their choice of cheaper coffee forms than the luxury range of options that we are spoiled by in the West.

Award Winning Tunki Coffee Beans

Tunki is one of many speciality beans imported from foreign soils

Still, the divide cannot be purely based on a matter of refined taste usually associated with the modern world, which has more time to spend on indulging in the finer things and expanding their range of experiences by enjoying more variety. Coffee might be grown globally but, like tea, its ancestry stems from Eastern origins; forefathers and experts of the coffee bean.

Research reveals that instant coffee preference is higher in tea drinking nations - [Image Source -]
Research reveals that instant coffee preference is higher in tea drinking nations – [Image Source –]
Britain also remains a huge consumer of instant coffee, accounting for almost a third of its sales across Western Europe according to Euromonitor. The market for finer instant coffee is developing and we are a nation at the forefront of its growth. While coffee drinkers once had to settle for convenience or quality, premium instant coffee may solve the paradox for busy coffee drinkers and those who prefer the comfort of the good old kettle.

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