Bean to Cup Coffee Machines with Auto Steam

Super Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

rijo42 Inka Auto Steam Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

At rijo42, we have a range of bean to cup coffee machines with the unique Auto Steam feature. These machines produce the perfect espresso shot at the touch of a button by grinding, tamping and extracting the coffee by automation. The Auto Steam wand then expertly froths the milk, meaning anyone can operate. Fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines are a huge benefit for restaurants, cafes and hotels due to number of different employees operating the machine. Auto Steam guarantees excellent milk quality whilst still providing an element of theatre associated with traditional machines. The automated one-step espresso process provides consistent in cup results. In short, Barista style drinks without the Barista.

Auto Steam is a patented temperature sensing steam wand, which simultaneously delivers steam and air into milk. This innovative feature allows for hands-free frothing of large quantities of milk without human intervention. A digital Barista, if you will. Simply submerge the Auto Steam wand into a frothing jug of chilled milk and press a button. Each button can be programmed to produce different milk consistencies and temperatures suitable for Cappuccino and Latte. The machine automatically stops heating when the programmed temperature is achieved, resulting in perfect frothed textured milk every time. The Auto Steam wand enables staff to attend to other tasks such as preparing food or operating the till, whilst the machine steams and foams milk.

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