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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines For Rugby Clubs

It has been a recurring problem for many a rugby club visitor over the years, ‘can I have that extra pint? No longer can the ‘blind eye’ be turned and as such the vigilant player, official and spectator now sought a ‘high street quality coffee offering’.

At rijo42, we knew that the demand for outstanding coffee was required within the Clubhouses the length and breadth of the UK – the ‘old kettle’ or ‘rusting urn’ would no longer excite the ‘skinny latte’ seeking prop forward. Being the leading supplier of such quality equipment rijo42 offered free consultations and demonstrations to committees from Keswick through to Kent, players coming in from pre-season enjoying a Cappuccino on us to ensure the quality was sufficiently superior to the current offering – we didn’t disappoint!

Further demonstrations were undertaken on Sundays where hundreds of Mini Players, parents and onlookers were treated to indulgent hot chocolates and ‘pick me up’ Americano’s for those who had taken a few pints the night before! Once everyone had sampled a drink, our representative would submit the relevant proposal for the committee to peruse and look at the benefits of forming a partnership with rijo42.

The committees at consultation sought clarification on justification and wanted a simple, effective and quality solution for match days, training nights and where appropriate, functions within the club. The Brasil, our flagship bean to cup coffee machine was always the machine that suited most clubs from the North Lancs and Cumbria clubs like Broughton Park, Widnes, Macclesfield, Aldwinains, Heaton Moor, Bowden, Wigton, Keswick, Eccles, Penrith, Egremont, Carlisle and so on to the East coast, Hull Ionians, Wath Upon Dearne, Morpeth etc – all chose the path of a simple, quality concept that made the lives of those serving coffee a whole lot easier.

All the clubs we supply have shown huge increases in both sales and perception – the continuity of being associated with quality from one club to another has made the transition both profitable and enjoyable. Many clubs have taken another machine for differing areas within the club due to the success of the first – Sedgley Park in Greater Manchester along with Barnsley in South Yorkshire both took additional machines this season and haven’t looked back.

If you have ever thought about improving the quality of your hot drinks, been asked for drinks you don’t currently offer (Latte, Cappuccino etc.) or whether you are looking to bring in an extra income stream to the club that can create better facilities or supply new equipment from scrum machines, tackle shields or new kit – all is possible with rijo42 so now is the time to see what we have to offer. We provide on-site demonstrations of the Brasil coffee machine to enable your club members to sample our fantastic offering.

To book your free demonstration of our bean to cup coffee machines please call 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected].

rijo42 Brasil Coffee Machine Demonstration

Rugby Club Coffee Machine Demonstration