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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Play Centres

rijo42 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine In A Play Centre

We supply a wide range of different business types at rijo42. One of the sectors we have a particularly strong affiliation with is Children’s Play Centres.

Food and drink sales, in particular coffee sales, form a key part of generating profit for play centres. Many centres have large café areas where parents can sit with a coffee and a bite to eat whilst the little ones tire themselves out. Play centres are a great place for parents to meet and have a chat over a coffee, allowing both parents and children to socialise within the same environment.

High quality reliable coffee machines are a must for any play centres. Typically, play centres have staff of all different age groups and with varying responsibilities. It is therefore essential that machines are simple to operate and produce consistently great quality drinks, whilst requiring minimal cleaning and general maintenance. As such, bean to cup coffee machines tend to feature highly within these environments.

We supply hundreds of Play Centres nationwide and by far the most favoured machine for this application is the rijo42 Brasil bean to cup coffee machine. Simple push button selection, high volume, excellent drink quality and simplicity of cleaning and maintenance, make the Brasil ideal for these busy and bustling sites. rijo42 supply one of the largest play centres in the North West. This particular customer has two Brasil bean to cup coffee machines and at last count had done in excess of 300,000 vends. At an average profit of £2.20 per drink, that’s a huge sum of revenue generated from coffee sales alone!

Machine reliability is imperative when coffee sales account for a huge part of revenue, as any downtime adversely affects profits. The rijo42 Brasil is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of reliability.  Exclusive to rijo42, our Brasil machines are manufactured in Switzerland, a country that is world renowned for manufacturing exceptional quality products. The Brasil is constructed of only the highest-grade parts, hugely minimising technical issues. It is equipped with a stainless steel integral coffee grinder, which we’re confident is so good, that it is supplied with a lifetime guarantee! This unique grinder calibrates automatically to ensure excellent, consistent drink quality and will hit a million grinds without breaking a sweat. The Brasil also features an industry leading milk frother unit which, combined with rijo42 Deluxe Granulated Skimmed Milk, delivers a creamy and frothy continental coffee. Also fitted with ‘Hygo Milk System’ the best milk hygiene system in the industry, keeping bacteria at bay and vastly reducing cleaning and maintenance. This machine provides unrivalled performance and reliability coupled with ease of use and excellent drink quality, making it the obvious choice for play centre applications.

Another reason the Brasil is so popular is that the machine can be configured to dispense two different cup sizes, regular and large. The menu can also be adapted to suit individual requirements and we have many play centres now opting for a ‘Kiddiccino’ button. Offering something different for the little ones, the Kiddiccino is a warm milk drink to which sprinkles, marshmallows and a dusting of chocolate can be added if desired. Thanks to our granulated skimmed milk product, a Kiddiccino contains less than 1% fat and is completely lactose free. The Brasil is also available in a double grinder model providing the facility to offer two types of beans, regular and decaf or regular and Fairtrade for example.

We also offer juice and smoothie equipment and provide a great range of point of sale items including A boards, wall menus, table menus, crockery and loyalty cards with all of the machines we install.

What our customers say… 

“We installed a coffee machine from rijo42 in October 2011 and we are extremely happy with the machine and the service rijo42 offer. During our first week of business we sold in excess of 1000 drinks from the machine a £1.90 per drink, which was fantastic for us! Our biggest concern when looking for a coffee partner was the simplicity of using a machine that any member of staff could operate and we needed something that could cope with the high demand at busy periods without compromising the quality of the drink, the machine we were recommended does all of the above and more.”

“We have the Rijo 42 Brasil machine and we absolutely love it. Being a coffee lover it was really important to me to get the right machine with a lovely coffee, which tasted nice and looked nice. The machine itself is so easy to use and to clean. It tells you when it needs cleaning and if there is any fault with it. The ingredients are so easy to use, simply pour into the machine and shut the door. We love it!!”

“Rijo 42 have been our supplier of coffee machines and consumables for the last 4 1/2 years. We were established 5 years ago and tried various other suppliers before settling with Rijo 42. The service received is second-to-none and despite numerous offers, we have no intention of changing to a different supplier.”

To arrange a free demonstration of our bean to cup coffee machines, please call free on 0800 023 4242 or email sales@rijo42.co.uk. Alternatively, please complete our online contact form.

rijo42 Coffee Machine Demonstration At A Play Centrerijo42 Coffee Machine Demonstration at a Play Centre