Cleaning A Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Cleaning Procedures For Bean To Cup Coffee Machines


Bean to Cup coffee machines can be an incredibly important asset to any coffee-serving establishment and therefore it’s imperative they are cared for correctly. A coffee machine that experiences frequent breakdowns is a cost to your business and will ultimately damage your profits. Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment and the best method of preventative maintenance is regular and thorough cleaning.

All professional Bean to Cup coffee machines have important cleaning procedures to follow. Powdered milk machines usually involve a daily clean and a weekly clean, some machines even request a clean after a certain number of drinks have been dispensed. The daily clean is typically a short process taking anywhere up to 5 minutes. This involves mixer bowl flushes, brewer rinse, emptying and cleaning of waste buckets and drip trays, all to ensure best possible hygiene practices. The weekly clean is a slightly longer process taking anywhere between 10-15 minutes, dependant on the model, and will always involve a full brewer clean. This is usually as simple as placing a cleaning tablet into the machine and pressing a button; the machine will then run the automatic brewer clean cycle. It is also advised that certain parts are removed from the machine at the end of each week, mixer bowls, drip trays, waste buckets, which should all be cleaned thoroughly before being replaced.

Fresh milk Bean to Cup coffee machines generally only require a daily clean, yet, as fresh milk has more associated hygiene issues than powdered, the cleaning process does take a little longer. It is vital that the parts of the machine that come into contact with milk are fully sterilised to provide the best possible hygiene standards. The daily cleaning cycle for a fresh milk coffee machine can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes, again, dependant on the model.

Any new machine should be supplied with cleaning instructions. Many machine suppliers will also have their own range of specialist cleaning materials. Although cleaning products are widely available on the internet, it is worth bearing in mind that the ones offered by your supplier will have been specifically designed for use with your equipment. Using cleaning products not specified by the manufacturer may invalidate your warranty.

All rijo42 Bean to Cup coffee machines are installed with clear step-by-step cleaning guides, making the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our professional range of cleaning products has been exclusively tailored to ensure maximum hygiene and performance, reducing unnecessary downtime and ultimately prolonging the life of the equipment. We also offer a professional valeting service, for more information please contact a member of our Service Team on 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected].

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