Are coffee drinkers more successful?

You may need regular cups of coffee just to get you through the working day, but could drinking coffee rather than tea actually be an indicator of how successful you are at work? Research carried out by a leading coffee brand would seem to support that theory – a survey of 2,000 UK office workers indicated that over three quarters (77%) of top level managers prefer to drink coffee rather than tea.

Study reveals that drinking coffee could be linked to ambition

Participants were asked to rate their own levels of ambition, and those who rated themselves as a 4 or 5 (with 5 being the highest score) were likely to drink one and a half times as much coffee as their less ambitious colleagues. Four fifths of high earners agreed that they relied on coffee to feel ‘more productive’ during the day. Interestingly, just under half of participants also commented that they preferred coffee over tea as they felt it had a ‘higher status’ and was therefore more suited to their position. This could tie in with the higher comparative cost of coffee, and the association that tea has as a comforting drink rather than a motivational one.

While we can’t promise that drinking more coffee will help you get on at work, caffeine has certainly been shown to stimulate brain activity and increase productivity. During your waking hours,┬áthe levels of the chemical adenosine in your brain increase gradually to make you more alert. Caffeine has the same affect on nerve cells as adenosine, and binds to the receptors causing a similar boost in alertness.

Coffee has become an integral part of the UK commercial world, with most offices ‘running on coffee’, so it’s vital to make sure your colleagues have an uninterrupted supply to avoid dips in productivity. If you’d like to take about our premium end-to-end coffee service for your business, give us a call or get in touch via our website.