All about coffee cups

best-types-coffee-cupHere at Rijo42, we know that our coffee is pretty special. What about the cup you’re putting it into, though? We take a look at different shapes of coffee cup and what they’re designed to do.

Cappuccinos and Americanos

If you go out for coffee, you’ll normally find these types of drink served in a round cup with a wide mouth. There are several reasons for this. One is practical – this shape of cup is more stable, less liable to being knocked over and easier to stack, both on the shelf and in the dishwasher. There are advantages for the coffee drinker, though – the wide shape of the cup means the coffee will mix well if you’re adding milk, and if you’re sprinkling chocolate or other flavouring on your cappuccino you’ll end up with a better flavouring-to-coffee ratio.

Wide-mouthed cups tend to let the contents cool down more quickly, which could be either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how hot you like your coffee! Some coffee shops or coffee machines get round this by pre-heating cups before the coffee is poured in.

Lattes and espressos
Lattes are traditionally served in fluted mugs or cups, where the brim is wider than the base. This is idea for retaining heat, but still gives a wide mouth for adding powdered chocolate or other flavourings. These cups also help to prevent coffee aromas dissipating too quickly. Due to the shape of the cup, though, it can make it harder to add a controlled quantity of milk.
Espresso is traditionally served in very small cups, as it’s so concentrated. Using a larger cup that was half empty would cause too rapid a heat loss.
Coffee mugs
If you’re making yourself a coffee at home, most of us tend to use mugs for convenience. They’re staple, and can be endlessly personalised. Thin china mugs give a more even heat and some people claim they give coffee a smoother taste, whereas thick, chunky pottery mugs will retain heat for longer. Mugs aren’t quite as popular for coffee shops as they usually don’t come with saucers so there’s nowhere for a spoon, and with foamed drinks such as latte the foam tends to get trapped at the bottom of the mug.
 Whatever you serve your coffee in, make sure it’s made with a Rijo42 coffee machine and some of our delicious coffee beans – see the main website for details.