Barista Training

Barista Training

A barista is the coffee aficionado who combines skill , knowledge and artistry to prepare the perfect shot of Espresso. A baristra is the most important person in any coffee serving establishment. They face your customers every day and have to produce espresso every time. With so much coffee shop competition on the UK high street, comprehensive barista training is imperative to ensure your drinks are the very best around.

rijo42 offer a range of Baristra Training Courses to accommodate your requirements; from Basic Barista Courses to Advanced Latte Art Courses we have the course for you and your staff!

Trainee baristas will begin by learning how to make the perfect espresso. There is an art to producing the ultimate espresso which entails a number of different stages. If any of the stages from the bean , grind , tamp and pour is not perfect the resulting espresso will not be correct. As the espresso in the base for all coffee recipes, it is vital baristas have the knowledge of recognising when it is not right. Once the espresso has been mastered. trainee baristas will be taught about all the many different coffee recipes, then move on to a microfoaming milk master class with our very own 'Mae-stro Barista'.

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